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George Scarborough

(October 2, 1859 - April 6, 1900)

Drawing by Richard Florence .

    George Scarborough was a cowboy, sheriff of Jones County in Texas, deputy U.S. Marshal in El Paso and a detective in Deming, New Mexico for a cattleman's association.

    While in El Paso, his dealings with John Selman lead to a gunfight. . The two fired and John Selman was dead. Earlier, John Selman had killed an acquaintance, John Wesley Hardin.

    As a cattle detective later in his life, George roamed New Mexico looking for rustlers. During one fateful pursuit..Scarborough was shot in the leg by who is believed to have been Kid Curry. Kid Curry had been a member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch.

    George's leg was amputated, but he died four days later.

    George Scarborough's life was filled with controversy. As a lawman, he walked the line between law and lawnesses often using methods and motives to match the people he was pursuing. His courage and effectiveness were never questioned however

    Books about George Scarborough

    George Scarborough by Robert K. DeArment
    This book has been collecting dust on my shelf. However, many sources indicate this is a well researched and interesting book.

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