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Jim Baker

(December 19, 1818 - May 15, 1898)

Drawing by Richard Florence .

    Born in Illinois, he joined the American Fur Company at the age of 20. He became acquainted with the Colorado and Wyoming territory during these expeditions.

    Jim, later, was a scout and a guide for traveling settlers, individuals and the military.

    He lived among the Shoshone for a brief period of time.

    He settled in Savery, WY and lived the rest of his life in this quite and beautiful area.

    Jim Baker is buried in the Baker Cemetery just west of Savery, Wyoming.

    Books about Jim Baker

    Jim Baker, The Redheaded Shoshone by Leighton L. Baker
    The only complete biography I have seen on Jim Baker. This book is privately publish and was limited to 1,000 copies, thus it may be hard to find.

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